Sex Finder Reviewed: The Full Throttle Truth

Sex Finder Reviewed: The Full Throttle Truth

The name of this hookup application gives you all the information you need. By using it, you should supposedly find sex. For sure, the easiest way to find sex online is to download a casual dating app. Whether this is the one that you want to have on your phone is a completely different question. If we disregard the squeaky clean design that can mask pretty poorly built features and not so cheap membership options, can look like the solution to all your sex pains. But let’s dig deep to see Sex Finder reviewed: how much success you can have in your sex dating life by downloading this application?

Sex Finder Reviewed by a Hookups Expert

How easy is it to register on this casual dating website? Let’s find out what you get when you open the home screen.

  1. You get the signup form in which you need to fill in your details.
  2. Of course, the gender – man or woman (and then)
  3. State your sexual preference – do you like men or women?

So everyone is welcome as you can see. 

Location Search – Fine, But Are the Profiles Real?

Because the website uses location filters and location search you immediately get presented with matches for dates located near the city where you live. You get around 9 or 10 suggestions, including:

  1. Photos
  2. Nicknames, and
  3. The name of the location they have uploaded to their profile

However, if you try to click on one of the profiles you get the registration screen again so you can register for free. Whether these women are real or fake, it is tough to tell. You will find out until you actually chat with them or open their profiles and get into interaction.

Sex Finder Reviewed for Costs and Fees

For many of the features necessary to be active and chat on the website, you need to pay. Therefore you may get a free subscription. You won’t get the actual features for free.

When you decide to pay beware of the added costs that come with the basic subscription, for example:

  1. Transactional costs
  2. Foreign currencies fees
  3. Date of expiry of the promotional credits

Be especially careful about the expiration of promotional credits. If you’re not active on the site for more than six months you lose all the credit you have bought. 

sex finder reviewed by experts

The #1 Problem for All Reviews

Another big problem is the number of accounts on

  1. Active users are considered those members that have created an account in the last two years.
  2. Online users are all users that have been active in the last four hours.

So the exact number may not represent the real picture. 

We Reviewed in 2021: Conclusion

That being said, the site is not cheap or completely free. So, you may want to start the low-key alternative if you decide to look for sex here. You cannot go wrong with the trial version. Always take care to check for automatic renewals. Cancel your subscription if you don’t like how much you manage to get laid. Overall, our team of dating experts is not very pleased with how the site is set. It’s just clickbaity hooks and ads.

If you are one of those users who are willing to pay a lot when they see a picture of a beautiful woman, let us stop you in the tracks. Don’t be that guy!

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