Oodle Personals Review: Massive Hookup Fails

Oodle Personals Review: Massive Hookup Fails

Believe it or not, there are still sites like the ex Backpage that public online personals for casual dating. The point with Oodle is that it is not strictly focused on personal ads for casual encounters. The website is a generalized advertising platform. You can find everything from cars, real, estate, jobs, to fake ads. Therefore, there must be some genuine people who look for hookups just as you do. The size of the trouble you will need to go through in order to find them will be revealed in today’s Oodle Personals review.   

Oodle Personals Review

Remember to skip directly to the personals section. Don’t waste time on other categories because the majority of adult ads are under the personal encounters section. However, this section is complicated, too. Because Oodle.com is not only about casual hookups, you have to weed out the chaff. The easiest way to do this is through the filters. Filters have various tags, including

  1. Men seeking women 
  2. Women seeking men 
  3. Women seeking women 
  4. Casual relationships 
  5. Serious relationships (to name a few). 

Each filter has an approximate number of members next to it. The number gives you an idea about your hook-up chances: the bigger it is, the better your chances of getting laid. Well, here is the main issue with Oodle personals – there are almost no members under ‘casual encounters’. On the other hand, there are thousands of members in other categories, especially men. But the women also show up in decent numbers, although not as much as men. 

You can look for sex dates in other categories, but you will spend a lot of your time clearing any misunderstandings with others. It is, therefore, best to skip to target websites for casual hookups. It is a breeze to nail a hot local girl by choosing one of our reviewed casual dating sites.

Members at Oodle.com Reviewed

The good bit about the membership base on Oodle is veracity. The profiles are real, people have placed genuine photos and written true descriptions. This is no guarantee that the website is free and clean from scammers. However, it’s some support to your efforts for spending minimal time on a site that doesn’t work at all. When you are dealing with real people, they can trick you, but not systematically.

 oodle personals review

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves: there are links to dubious sites such as Meet4Fun. Does the name look interesting? I bet it does but the site is not as exciting as its name suggests. Immediately after being taken there, you get the picture: It is shady advertising space for escorts and cam girls.

Personals.Oodle Review: The Hookup Pipe Dream

Since this is not a specialized site for adult dating, it will take some time to learn its tricks. The system is not the current ‘swipe and hookup’. If time is of importance, you will waste it here. The better option is to stick to casual dating apps. Find those that meet your sexual preference and you will have no troubles with getting laid at least several times per year.  

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