Just Hookup Review: GETTING LAID Shortcuts – The Easy Way

Just Hookup Review: GETTING LAID Shortcuts – The Easy Way

According to dating experts, Just Hookup is one of the oldest dating sites and apps in the world. By “oldest”, they probably mean more than a decade old because most casual dating apps don’t survive for long. The reason for their limited lifespan is they are pure cr*p. Many have poor features and visuals. Almost three quarters are scams. So, is it worth hooking up on Just Hookup? Well, that is the task of this Just Hookup review – let’s dig in and reveal the truth!

Or is it?

Just Hookup Review: Is It a Scam or Legit?

Maybe you won’t find Just Hookup among Mashable reviews for best hookup sites in 2021. That doesn’t mean that you don’t stand a chance for getting laid, though, because:

  1. Founded in 2000 – that means something, right, the existence of over 20 years?
  2. Super easy to create a profile
  3. Flexibility for dating – sweet or naughty mode (Guess you’re interested in the latter)
  4. Solid user base

Not so Good Stuff about Just Hookup (the Site)

  1. Poor support and maintenance resulting in broken features
  2. Lack of advanced adult dating features
  3. Advertising flood of adult content
  4. Live cams (that can cost tons of money)

By far one of the worst aspects of the site and the app is the presence of fantasy profiles. Are fantasy profiles legit? Well, sure, if you take the time to go through the terms and conditions. In this way, you are aware that fake bots lurk at every corner. You’ll avoid spending time with fictitious women. But, if you don’t take the time to investigate a casual hookup app, this is the typical bait you’ll fall for and lose money.  

Therefore, don’t trust claims like this one:

just hookup review

Genuine Just Hookup Reviews

Unfortunately, according to users, Just Hookup is one of the most disappointing sites for adult dating. Many mark it with just one star. Don’t hope for a booty call from a website that has so many fantasy profiles!

Just Hookup Review: The App

The Just Hookup app is much better than the website. It contributes to the quality of the service, mostly because it has improved the ease of access and it is user-friendly. 

  1. Sending messages
  2. Sending winks
  3. Liking and favoring profiles

With that being said, it still has all the disadvantages of the site. This Just Hookup review (and many others) just prove that it is better to look for alternatives. 

just hookup review

Can You Hookup Tonight with the Mobile App?

If you want to send several hundreds of emails and spend two or three days on such activity with only 3 or 4 replies back, go ahead! More importantly, most of the replies are from fake profiles. So, even if you get more, you won’t set up a date – you will just waste your time. And even pay for some of the premium or advertised services, including adult content and cam content. That often happens on apps that don’t work. 

We suggest using legit dating sites – take a look at our top selection. One famous example is Instbang – read the Instabang review to find out why!

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