iHOOKUP APP REVIEW: Wondering How To Make It Rock? Read This!

iHOOKUP APP REVIEW: Wondering How To Make It Rock? Read This!

The mobile application iHookup will do exactly what it says for you: you will start hooking up without any strings attached. When you’re looking into adult dating, it’s good to have these things clarified upfront. Many people have been burned by adult dating scams and therefore want to know whether iHookup is legit. One of the best sources for finding the truth is to look at iHookup Reddit reviews. Another great method for exposing scams or high-quality hookup sites is to read this iHookup app review written by an expert. 

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iHookup App Review: The Truth Exposed

It is finally time to understand that instant hookups do happen. But you have to know where to find them—using mobile apps such as the iHookup dating app is an easy way to skip misunderstandings and locate people looking just for fun. 

Here is what you can expect to find on iHookup:

  1. All types of dating, regardless of sexual orientation
  2. Recent activity page to track all the action
  3. Free and premium features
  4. Messaging
  5. Live Chat
  6. Cam Girls

There are mixed experiences from users about this casual hookup app. That fact alone doesn’t make it much different than any other above the average dating app. 

Is Meeting Women on iHookup Free?

You can use the abovementioned features for free. So, yes, dating with the iHookup app is free. But you can also pay a small fee to get special forecasts, including a personality report and a dating forecast for three months. These reports will inevitably help your hookup endeavors. You’re more likely to find a suitable match.  

How Much Will iHookup Cost Me?

  1. Special reports are $5.99 each
  2. Three-month membership is $22.99/month 
  3. One month membership is $34.99/month.

Is iHookup Dating App Legit?

Yes, iHookup app is legit. You can find the usual fake profiles present on any dating site (and anywhere online, to be honest), but the dating app itself is not a pure scam. Watch out for clicking on ads for cam girls. You may end up paying for what wasn’t your intention in the first place.  

What iHookup Reviews on Reddit Say

The Reddit reviews for iHookup are either missing or mediocre. Here is what one Redditor says about their experience:

iHookup App review

But there are some nice and not so friendly things about iHookup on Mashable. Mashable marks the app as something in-between ‘sexy and sketchy.”

Judging by the many opinions posted online, iHookup is just about the average adult dating site with the standard pros and cons: straightforward users looking for bang bang and scammers who want to rip you off.

The verdict from this iHookup app review is the following: you will enjoy using the app. It has excellent visuals. You can find it both in the App Store and Google Play, so that’s a bonus in terms of security. However, it does take some time to find a hot local girl that will choose you precisely for a one-night stand. 

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