Ibackpage Review: Is This the Backpage Alternative?

Ibackpage Review: Is This the Backpage Alternative?

Are you tired of finding websites like Backpage and its alternatives? So are we but the train doesn’t stop there. Other dating opportunities crop out of the woodwork and we have to review them to expose the truth about what’s going on sites for classified personals. Unfortunately, you already know the drill. Don’t expect to find real women looking for casual sex. These members are escorts and massage workers that will charge you for sex. Is that what you’re looking for? That’s right, I don’t think so. Read the rest about what you can expect from sites like Backpage and Craigslist from this iBackpage review.

Ibackpage Review: Classified Ads Scams

If you ever used to date in the age of newspapers, you know that each newspaper had a classified section that included personal encounters. Well, that’s not the truth on iBackpage.com. In fact, according to this iBackpage review, there are no other ads except those for escorts. Don’t let the sections for cars, rentals, jobs, and vacations fool you. They are only empty links. You won’t be able to find anything of interest. 

Escort Section

There is a specific section that works only with escorts – you can find that one under the adult section jobs. There are also dom and fetish encounters, escorts, massage work, and the usual stuff that includes commercial sex.

Dating Options

However, there is also a dating section with various membership populations. It is divided according to sexual preference. For example, there are separate links for men seeking women and women seeking men. You will find most of the escorts under the ‘women seeking men’, of course. 

Search Filters

The search locations are divided by continents and then you’ll get links to the closest location where an escort is available. This method means that not all locations are covered worldwide like it’s the principle on most dating sites. We can’t really say that that’s a bad thing. You have fewer chances to get SCAMMED if your location is not available on this list. 

The Truth About Dating On iBackpage: Review Conclusion

If you click one of those links for search locations, you don’t get much. First of all, it gives information that it is a sponsored ad. Secondly, the written information and the pictures provided are obviously from someone who is interested only in paid sex. 

There are no guarantees that you will get what you want on iBackpage.com. There no chat applications, no chat messaging, or a method to verify that the person who is behind the picture is the very same person.

Quite the contrary: if you have some experience on dating sites. then you know that there is nothing about free casual dating in question here.

You immediately know that you can get ripped off for money. Many sites like iBackpage, Bedpage, or OneBackpage exist because escorts need to find the place and post their ads.

ibackpage review

Where to Find Hot Local Girls for Hookups

Because you’re not looking for something like this, you should circumvent this website altogether. The best free dating resources are not on sites for classified encounters. Look for free hookup sites, free casual hookups, free adult dating, and similar descriptions. Check for ways to authenticate the content and the profiles. 

Find a way to get a chance to test the site for free. Don’t ever pay for something you haven’t experienced or tested especially don’t give money to strangers on the Internet even if they’re hot and saucy escorts.

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