CityXGuide App Review: Nail the Facts

CityXGuide App Review: Nail the Facts

This website for today’s review is called City X Guide. However, you should not mix the current City X Guide site that used to exist and was associated with illegal sexual activities. At least, that is according to the terms included in this City X Guide review that can you find in this resource. At first glance, it looks like any other regular classified personals website. You can find the menu with the most popular features and links to popular locations. You can use the locations to find your date. But what’s the truth that hides behind all this? Let’s find out more in this CityXGuide app review.

CityXGuideApp Review: Links and Features

If you have high expectations, we’re sorry to have to disappoint you. The app is no different than the City X Guide – the website. Yes, it includes some new links and a bit different features but the concept is identical. Unlike links to commercial sex sites, for example, webcam sites, this site links to other adult content and the Porn Dude website. Porn Dude makes and creates reviews of popular adult content.

But the most important aspect of the City X Guide is not what you can find on the sideways but actually what you can find on the links with profiles. The result is all the same regardless of where you click on the links. For different locations, you get only descriptions for escorts and no real links to genuine women who want hookups. All this site advertises is not dating for free. You won’t get anything for free. Most likely, you will have to pay and in some circumstances even get ripped off. 

How to Prevent Escorts Scams

Let’s not forget about all scams and frauds that happen when dealing with strangers on the web. City X Guide the app promises that they will do everything they can to prevent such operations. But do they actually do anything to prevent that? Hardly.

The ads in the profile descriptions are explicit with the escort requests. The photos also look like escort girls.

What’s even more important is that the message functionality doesn’t always work. So you won’t be able to message the girls. However, the link that works all the time is the one to the Porn Dude website. It is nothing more than a rich resource for cam sites. This fact tells you absolutely everything you need to know about City X Guide. 

cityxguide app review

The Truth about CityXGuide App: Review Verdict

It is not a genuine dating site. You won’t find real hookups here. Visit real free adult dating sites where you can find hot local girls that are looking for casual sex without asking you to pay for that.

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